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M.A.C.E. Music

M.A.C.E. Music, Inc. is an American record label founded by Michael Angelo Batio in April 1993. Currently based in Gurnee, Illinois, the label's main job is that of selling material and merchandise of Batio's, including his albums, videos and accessories such as the "MAB String Dampener". The label also releases material by other artists, including Batio's side-project C4, T. D. Clark, Tom Kopyto and The Flyin' Ryan Brothers. M.A.C.E. distributes material both directly and through other labels, to over 40 countries worldwide including the United States, the United Kingdom, all throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

M.A.C.E. has its own recording studio in Gurnee called Monster Mix, which has been the location of the recording of some of the later Batio material, most notably Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity Part 2 and 2 X Again. Earlier albums like No Boundaries and Planet Gemini were recorded at an old studio owned by the label, known simply as M.A.C.E. Studios.

M.A.C.E. allocates each artist on the label a number group, and all of their releases are given an issue number within this group. For example, Michael Fath CDs are all numbered as 3xx, from 301 to 310, and Lyden Moon CDs are numbered 202 to 204.

Artists and releases

  • C4
  • The Flyin' Ryan Brothers
    • 261: Sibling Revelry
    • 262: Colorama
    • 264: The Chaos Sampler
    • 265: Legacy
  • Francesco Fareri
    • 281: Suspension
  • Holland
  • Jimmy Ryan
    • 263: Finally
  • Katrina Johansson
    • Guitarsongs Volume 1
  • Kiloton
    • 243: The Seeds of Genocide
    • 244: Knock the Box
  • Kopecky
    • 222: Serpentine Kaleidoscope
    • 223: Orion
  • Lyden Moon
    • 202: Supersonic Musical Voyage
    • 203: In the Groove
    • 204: Fire It Up

  • Nitro
  • Richard Jessee Project
    • 282: INTRO-P
    • 283: Ostinato
  • Ross Butterfield
    • 241: A Major Nuisance
    • 242: Post Traumatic Shred Disorder
  • T.D. Clark
    • 251: Personalities
    • 252: Perspective
  • The Tobias Hurwitz Band
    • 291: Zen Shred Zone
  • Tom Kopyto
    • 272: YTK


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