Lying-in is an old childbirth practice involving a woman resting in bed for a period of time before giving birth. Though the term is now usually defined as "the condition of a woman in the process of giving birth," it previously referred to a period of bed rest required even if there was no medical complications.

A 1932 publication refers to lying-in as ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. It also does not suggest "Getting Up" (getting out of bed post-birth) for at least nine days and ideally for 20 days. This prolonged time of staying in bed after birth may also be called "lying-in".

When lying-in was a more common term, it was used in the names of several hospitals. For example, the Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia was originally known as the "Melbourne Lying-In Hospital and Infirmary for Diseases of Women and Children".


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