Lycoperdon is a genus of puffball mushrooms. It, in general contains the smaller species such as the pear shaped puffball and the gem studded puffball. Most of the time they grow from dead wood and if they grow through the ground they usually indicate that wood is buried.


  • Lycoperdon perlatum (Syn. Lycoperdon gemmatum)
  • Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff. ex Pers. (now Morganella pyriformis)
  • Lycoperdon echinatum Pers.
  • Lycoperdon mammiforme Pers. 1801
  • Lycoperdon norvegicum Demoulin 1971
  • Lycoperdon caudatum (Syn. Lycoperdon pedicellatum) J.Schröt.
  • Lycoperdon nigrescens (Syn. L. foetidum) Bonord
  • Lycoperdon marginatum (Syn. Lycoperdon candidum) Vittadini
  • Lycoperdon umbrinum
  • Lycoperdon molle
  • Lycoperdon lambinonii Demoulin 1972
  • Lycoperdon lividum (Syn. Lycoperdon spadiceum) Pers. 1809
  • Lycoperdon ericaceum (Syn. Lycoperdon muscorum)
    • Lycoperdon ericaceum (var. subareolatum)

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