Luz, in the Bible. 1 Place in ancient Palestine, apparently to be identified with Bethel 1. 2 City of N ancient Palestine.
Luz is the name of two places in the Bible.

  • The ancient name of a royal Canaanite city, connected with Bethel (Gen. 28:19; 35:6). It is debated among scholars whether Luz and Bethel represent one and the same town - the former the Canannite name, the latter the Hebrew name - or whether they were distinct places, though in proximity to each other.
  • A town in the north, founded (Judg. 1:26) by "a man who came forth out of the city of Luz". It is identified by some with Luweiziyeh, 4 miles northwest of Banias.

Luz is also the name of a bone

  • There is a small bone in the body at the base of the spinal column called the Luz bone (some identify this bone as the coccyx) from which the body will be rebuilt at the time of resurrection according to Muslims and Jews who share the belief that this bone does not decay . Muslims books refer to this bone as "^Ajbu al-Thanab" --(عَجْبُ الذَّنَب). Rabbi Joshua Ben Hananiah replied to Hadrian, as to how man revived in the world to come, "From Luz, in the back-bone."
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