Luxuria is also a genus of jumping spider.

Luxuria is the name of a British pop music band made up of vocalist Howard Devoto and instrumentalist Norman Fisher-Jones, aka "Noko." The band was active in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Devoto and Noko met through Pete Shelley, supposedly bonding over a competition to read Marcel Proust (Noko won). The two recorded six collections of material.


  • Redneck 7" and 12", 1988
  • Unanswerable Lust LP and CD, 1988
  • Public Highway 12", 1988
  • The Beast Box Is Dreaming 12" and CD, 1990
  • Beast Box LP and CD, 1990
  • Jezebel 7", 12", and CD, 1990

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