Leavin' the Game on Luckie Street

Leavin' the Game on Luckie Street is a live album by recording American singer-songwriter Butch Walker and his band the Let's Go Out Tonites, only released online. The concert was recorded in Atlanta on April 20th, 2007. The album was released February 14th, 2008.


Disc 1

  1. Intro
  2. Uncomfortably Numb
  3. Alicia Amnesia
  4. #1 Summer Jam
  5. Too Famous to Get Dressed
  6. Maybe It's Just Me
  7. Bethamphetamine
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites!
  9. Don't Movie
  10. Indie Queen
  11. Laid/Taste of Red
  12. Far Away From Close

Disc 2

  1. Over Your Head
  2. Race Cars & Goth Rock
  3. Mixtape
  4. Stateline
  5. Sober
  6. Joan
  7. Cigarette Lighter Love Song
  8. Best Thing You Never Had
  9. Hot Girls in Good Moods
  10. Born to Run (Springsteen)
  11. Lights Out
  12. Canyons
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