Lucien Germain Guitry

Lucien Germain Guitry

Guitry, Lucien Germain, 1860-1925, French actor and producer. Guitry succeeded Coquelin as France's most versatile actor. He made his debut in 1878 in La Dame aux camélias and then played nine years at the Michel Theater, St. Petersburg, before returning to Paris. He created 73 of his 144 roles. After 1919 these included several roles in the plays of his son, Sacha Guitry, 1885-1957, actor and dramatist. Guitry's skillful and witty dramas include Nono (1905), Deburau (1918), Jean de la Fontaine (1922), and Mozart (1925). He also acted in and directed motion pictures, of which two of the best were The Story of a Cheat (1937) and Pearls of the Crown (1938).

See his memoirs (tr. 1935); biography by J. Harding (1968).

Lucien Germain Guitry (December 13, 1860June 1, 1925) was a French actor.

Guitry was born in Paris.

He became prominent on the French stage at the Porte Saint-Martin theatre in 1900, and the Variétés in 1901, and then became a member of the Comédie Française, but he resigned very soon in order to become director of the Renaissance, where he was principally associated with the actress Marthe Brands, who had also left the Comédie. Here he established his reputation, in a number of plays, as the greatest contemporary French actor in the drama of modern reality. He was the father of the actor, writer and director Sacha Guitry.



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