Lowe, Sir Hudson, 1769-1844, British general. He fought with credit throughout the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, mainly in the Mediterranean region, and served (1815-21) as governor of St. Helena and custodian of Napoleon I. He was criticized severely for his alleged mistreatment of the French exiles on St. Helena. His later years were largely spent in controversy on this score, and he wrote a self-vindication.

See W. Forsyth, History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena (1853); R. C. Seaton, Napoleon's Captivity in Relation to Sir Hudson Lowe (1903).

Lowe, Robert, Viscount Sherbrooke: see Sherbrooke, Robert Lowe, Viscount.
Lowe, Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt, 1832-1913, American aeronaut and inventor, b. Coos co., N.H. He flew (1861) a distance of 900 mi (1,448 km) in a balloon he built himself. Later that year President Lincoln appointed him chief of the corps of aeronautics of the U.S. army. During the Civil War he built up a fleet of observation balloons that served in many engagements. Lowe invented (1865) a machine for making ice, equipped (1868) a steamer with refrigeration for haulage of perishable food, and built regenerative metallic furnaces for gas and petroleum and a coke-oven system for simultaneously producing gas and metallic coke.
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