Low comedy

Low comedy

Low comedy is a type of comedy characterized by "horseplay," slapstick and/or farce. Examples include somebody throwing a custard pie in another's face. This definition has also expanded to include lewd types of comedy that rely on physical jokes.


This type of comedy has been a fixture ever since Greek plays. Low comedy was first denoted as comedy for the commoners because it was most often practiced by street performers. Over time as low comedy began to include lewd jokes and more physical comedy, more mainstream performers began to practice this type of comedy: Stand-up comedians, Musicals, etc. This type of comedy also was employed in most children's cartoons.

Low Comedy Today

Today low comedy can be seen in almost any production. Sitcoms often base most of their plot on this type of comedy. In modern adaptations of Shakespeare's plays we also see low comedy used to convey a different understanding of the play.

See also

  • Buffoon. A nickname for people who act (voluntarily or not) funny.
  • Monty Python, a comedy troupe which frequently used this sort of humor.
  • Three Stooges, three comedic performers who used primarily slapstick humor.
  • A majority of programs on the Disney Channel rely very heavily on this form of humor.

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