love kiss

Love Love, Kiss Kiss

"Love Love, Kiss Kiss" is a song by punk rock band Alkaline Trio, an acoustic version was released as a digital only single on June 24, 2008. This version is also available on the Australian version of the CD. It is the second song to be released from Agony & Irony although it has not been confirmed to be an official single.

The Song has been played live on their recent tour along with other Agony & Irony songs, 'Do you Wanna Know?' and 'Calling All Skeletons'

Settle The Score Contest

On May 6, Alkaline Trio released the score to one of their upcoming songs 'Love Love, Kiss Kiss', the song had previously been unheard and people taking part had to read the score to see how the song went, covers were performed in videos and placed on YouTube.

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