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Collège-des-Frères (Bab-El-Louk)

Collège-des-Frères (Bab el-Louk) , (
or simply Frères Bab el-Louk is a French school in Bab al-Louq, a neighborhood in downtown Cairo, and is one of six Lasallian schools in Egypt of which four are located in Cairo and two in Alexandria.


On June 3, 1888, two brothers, Les Frères (French for "the brothers"), began their mission at St. Joseph school near St. Joseph church at Banque Misr St. in Downtown Cairo. The year started with 2 students but eventually ended with 22.

  • In 1900, at the occasion of the canonization of St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, the school changed its name and bore the name of the founder of the Brothers,and it became Jean-Baptiste de la Salle school.
  • In 1906, Les Frères bought the property of Moustafa Fahmy Pasha which is the current site of the school, in Bab al-Louq, one of the oldest districts of Cairo and later on transferred their establishment for the school year 1907 - 1908, to begin to their 1st year of teaching in Bab al-Louq. Les Frères had became 14.
  • In 1908, The construction of the new building started, and included the basement, a roadway, as well as the surrounding walls.
  • In 1913, the palace of Moustafa Fahmy was demolished to yield the place to a broad court which is the current court of the school.
  • Two other floors were added in 1914, of which one was set up the vault, where the 1st mass was raised on March 25, 1914.
  • In 1917, the number of students had reached 300, and later on another 450 students had joined.
  • In 1918, the school included 10 classes aside of two others for the free school St Antoine in the place of the current division of the Nursery school.
  • In 1922, the number of student reached 500 pupils, then 600 in 1924.
  • In 1935, The theater Building was rased to witness various artistic and cultural activities, and also enjoyed, since the inauguration of the Secondary Division in 1992, to see passing on scene the prizes winners of the school in a festivity which, had become annual tradition, comes to crown the efforts made by the students, the professors as well as the parents, real partners of the Lasallian educational process.
  • In 1972, under the direction of Brother "Martin Pollag", the school's roof was innovated to then-accommodate the 800 Students of the school.
  • In 1984, Brother Michel Andrejko and Safa Hanna were named directors of the school after the departure of Brother Martin Pollag.
  • in 1992, Under the direction of Safa, a new gate has been made on El-Falaky Street, which would consequently ease the access for the students. Also, a new building has been constructed along Falaky street, to receive Students of the secondary cycle there. That made it possible for the Students to continue their secondary studies within their own establishment.

High-tech Computer labs, and Science labs, as well as video rooms were arranged to serve the students' various activities and to help them practice.

  • In 1996, Brother Jacques Boulad left for France. It is there that the school was 1st with being managed by a Lasallien layman: Mr. Safa.
  • in 2001, Mr. Safa had the idea to restructure the school's basement and build rooms for examinations, music, Computer labs, art, and a gymnasium.

he also has repainted the interior walls of the old building.

  • Safa Amin Hanna retired in August 2003 and Medhat Nassif Kamel succeeded him as of September 2003.

Patron saint

St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle

''see: Jean-Baptiste de la Salle

St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle was born in Rheims, France on April 30, 1651. He was just 29 years old when he realized that the educational system of his day was inadequate to meet the needs of the poor children of Seventeenth Century France. To provide a Christian and human education that would be practical and effective, De La Salle founded a religious community of men, the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Fratres Scholarum Christianarum), dedicated to the instruction of youth, especially the poor. After many hardships, De La Salle died on Good Friday, April 7, 1719. He was canonized a saint of the Catholic Church in 1900 and declared "Universal Patron of All Teachers" by his Holiness Pope Pius XII in 1950. The feast of St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle is celebrated on the 15th of May by the world-wide Lasallian movement.

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