Louisville, University of

Louisville, University of

Louisville, University of, at Louisville, Ky.; coeducational; founded 1798 as a seminary, became a college and merged in 1837 with the Medical Institute of the City of Louisville (chartered 1833). In 1846 it was reorganized and chartered as the Univ. of Louisville. There are graduate schools of business, engineering, law, and medicine.
The following is a list of people associated with the University of Louisville.

Notable Alumni

Arts and entertainment


  • Emanuel Eads, {Milwaukee, WI} (BBus 1954), CEO of Central Parking Systems, the world's largest parking management firm
  • Owsley Brown Frazier, {Louisville, KY} (BA 1958, JD 1960), former director of Brown-Forman Corporation
  • J. David Grissom {JD 1962}, chairman of Providian Financial, board of directors for Yum Brands, chairman of Mayfield Capital, Inc
  • Leonard V. Hardin, {BBus 1979} director of National City Bank
  • David A. Jones, {MBA 1954}, co-founder and former CEO of Humana Healthcare, KY's largest Fortune 500 company
  • Robert A. McGoodwin, {Lexington, KY} (BS) 1979), CEO of Lexington based McGoodwin Company, KY's largest historic site redevelopment company and one of the largest in the U.S.
  • Robert Nardelli, {Chicago, IL} (MBA 1975), CEO of Chrysler, former CEO of the Home Depot, former CEO of General Electric Company (GE)
  • George Nichols, III, {MA 1985}, senior Vice President of AARP New York Life Insurance Company
  • Sean O'Leary {IMBA 1995}, founder and CEO of Genscape, world's largest power grid monitoring company, traced source of 2003 Northeast (US) blackout
  • James Patterson, {MBA 1955}, co-founder of Long John Silvers, Rally's Hamburgers, and Chi-Chi's restaurant chains, President of Pattco Investments
  • J. Chester Porter, {JD 1966}, Chairman of Ascencia and PBI Banks
  • Stuart L. Scott, {ECS 1988}, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer


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