Lotsa Luck

Lotsa Luck! is a 1973-74 comedy series starring Dom DeLuise as bachelor Stanley Belmont who lives with his bossy mother (Kathleen Freeman), his sister Olive (Beverly Sanders) and her unemployed husband, Arthur (Wynn Irwin). Jack Knight stars as Stanley's best friend, Bummy.

The show centers around Stanley's frustration with his lazy, mooching brother-in-law, Arthur, who refuses to get a job, dresses like a slob (usually ushaven and wearing a bathrobe) and eats like a horse. Stanley works for the bus company in their lost and found department and supports the entire family.

Lotsa Luck! is based on the British London Weekend Televison series "On The Buses".

Lotsa Luck! Episode Guide

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Synopsis
01 Olive's Present Olive shares her flu bug with the family.
02 The Bare Facts Stanley suspects that Arthur is seeing another woman.
03 Trial Separation Arthur and Olive decide to the same house!
04 Stanley and the Librarian Mom hooks Stanley up with a real knockout who is a librarian.
05 The Suit Stanley is elated when his brother-in-law agrees to apply for a job.
06 Mom's Secret Stanley gets suspicious when mom goes to the laundromat every night. Does she have a date?
07 The Winning Purse Stanley needs money as bills start to pile up. How will he get it?
08 The Family Plot The family deals with a windfall after the city pays for moving Dad's grave.
09 The Psychiatrist Stanley sees the company shrink when insomnia dirupts his life. The solution? Make nice with Arthur.
10 The New Stan Stanley tries to improve himself to be more attactive to the opposite sex.
11 Arthur's Inhertiance No description available.
12 The Belmont Connection No description available.
13 Will You Marry Me? No description available.
14 Do Me a Favor No description available.
15 Stan and the Wealthy Widow No description available.
16 The Talent Show No description available.
17 A Little Order of Law and Order No description available.
18 You Oughta Be in Pictures No description available.
19 Stan's Assistant No description available.
20 Arthur Makes His Move No description available.
21 Bummy's Girl No description available.
22 Get Off My Back No description available.
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