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Take a Look Over Your Shoulder

Take a Look Over Your Shoulder is the second album by the g-funk rapper Warren G.

Track listing

  1. "Star Trek Intro"
  2. "Annie Mae" (featuring Nate Dogg)
  3. "Smokin' Me out" (featuring Ron Isley)
  4. "Reverend Eazy Dick"
  5. "Reality"
  6. "Ricky and G-Child"
  7. "Young Fun" (featuring Knee-Hi and Jayo Felony)
  8. "What We Go Through" (featuring Mr. Malik, Perfec and Bad Azz)
  9. "We Brings Heat" (featuring The Twinz and Da Five Footaz)
  10. "Transformers"
  11. "Reel Tight Intro"
  12. "Relax Ya Mind" (featuring Reel Tight)
  13. "To All D.J.'s"
  14. "Back Up"
  15. "Can You Feel It"
  16. "I Shot the Sheriff"
  17. "I Shot the Sheriff" (EPMD remix)

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