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Long-short (romanization)

Northern Wu Romanization Scheme. So called "Long-short" (长短音) because its use of assigning 2 vowel letters for long vowels and 1 vowel letter for short vowels (those syllables that are Ru tone). The below romanization unites Shanghainese and Suzhou-hua, and is highly representative of other Northern Wu dialects as well. The initials and finals inventory below is by far the most extensive of any major Chinese dialect and has high correspondence with early Middle Chinese (just before Tang Dynasty) phonology.

Example sentences:


Genenkaa haubesianfatsi ge yeushii zete seuzån.

A game this fun is worthy of keeping.


Ala yeezei tsuiauge vendii zieu zi naanen chii ciaacue getså phinin ge zithii. Leile ge zieedeu, ala umme biege hoodeu ge.

Our key concern now is how to solve the romanization problem. Before solving that, we have no other options.

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