Montez, Lola, 1818?-1861, Irish adventurer, whose original name was Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert. Her early marriage to an army officer soon ended in divorce. She adopted the name Lola Montez, claimed Spanish descent, and became a dancer. Her dancing was mediocre, but her beauty, extravagant charm, and adventures (in particular her affairs with Franz Liszt and Dumas père) were legendary. She gained sensational success and by 1846 became the mistress of King Louis I of Bavaria, who made her countess of Lansfeld. Her intervention in politics aroused antagonism and helped provoke the Revolution of 1848, when she was banished. She returned (1849) to England and remarried. In 1851 she toured the United States and after the death of her husband married P. P. Hull, a San Francisco newspaperman. After an Australian tour (1855-56), she returned to the United States. She died in New York City.

See biographies by A. Darling (1972), I. Ross (1972), and M. Ophuls (1986).


  • Lola (given name), a female given name popular in several languages
    • Lola is short for Omolola in Yoruba and means "Child of Wealth"
    • Lola is a Tajik-Farsi female given name
    • Lola may also be short for given names such has Yolanda and Lourdes


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