logical thinking

Logical Sensory Introvert

The Logical Sensory Introvert, LSI, ISTj, the Inspector, Maxim Gorky, or is one of the sixteen Socionics types. The Logical Sensory Introvert is a rational, introverted, static type whose leading functions are introverted logic and extroverted sensing.

Model A

Ego block

1. Introverted logic

LSIs continually take note of and gather information about various systems, structures, and hierarchies around them and select the best ones to be implemented. They easily sort phenomena into different categories and have very well-developed preferences for one category of things over another. LSIs quickly and easily determine what is correct and incorrect according to the systems they are familiar with.

LSIs tend to logically analyze just about everything, even close relationships. LSIs view their partners as part of a system which should have a certain structure and order to it. Everything in this system should run like clockwork: scheduling, daily routines, responsibilities in the relationship, and household management.

LSIs often seek in life to become part of a system and maintain and perfect it often becoming the guardians or watchdogs of the systems they have chosen.

LSIs do not often think about the ethics of the systems they maintain. Instead, they discuss the ethics of other systems using the language and customs of their own systems as truth, and make value judgments accordingly.

LSIs do not share information they think is valuable. Often this means they will not share the amount of money that they have or passwords to their computer.

2. Extroverted sensing

LSIs prefer to apply their clear, logical thinking to affect how the visible world around them is organized, rather than simply producing logical conjectures or thought exercises that have no material application. LSIs prefer to work with systems of "real" things material assets, organizations, management, and production and to perfect their structure and organization. When they are certain they are right, LSIs can act decisively to enforce rules that have been trampled on, in order to protect the integrity of the system.

LSIs handle high-pressure situations well and can maneuver skillfully around obstacles to achieve their goals. They cannot be intimidated easily by displays of force or aggression, but follow closely the balance of power and make sure they are in the best position.

Unlike their territorial mirror (SLE), the LSI enjoys creating a comfortable, inviting surrounding. When that space is penetrated by discourteous outsiders, the LSI will remain quiet until the annoyance is gone to defame the individuals they do not appreciate.

LSIs care deeply about the intensity of a sensory perception. They are constantly seeking food, colors, and sounds that others have deemed enjoyable so that they can experience them for themselves.

Super-Ego block

3. Introverted ethics

In the company of people smiles and acts like a good friend engaged in easy conversations, not without humor. Mechanistically approaches matters of wooing and relationship-building.

The LSI often has trouble differentiating strong relationships from weak relationships. Often he will find himself unsure of his own opinion of the closeness of a relationship.

4. Extroverted intuition

LSIs do not tolerate ambiguity. They try to be prepared for worst-case scenarios whenever ambiguity arises. They set clearly achievable goals, which they often reach. Failure to meet these goals causes the LSI to express anger and lose control of his emotions in the form of a seemingly childish tantrum.

The LSI has a clearly defined set of rules that he must adhere to. Only through learning can the LSI change, and grow to understand how something could work differantly than the way he imagines it in the moment.

Super-Id block

5. Extroverted ethics

Being stuck in the rigid system with no alternatives, LSIs requires powerful emotional jolts to liven them up. They enjoy extremely dramatic and phantasmagoric emotions and humor from their duals to feel really alive. They enjoy the atmosphere of a loud and fun party. Still, the LSI is more prone to engaging in activities that they are accustomed to, and only in the company of individuals that they are very comfortable with will they show strong external emotion.

6. Introverted intuition

LSIs often keep dense notes to remind them of their future engagements, as well as directions as to how to do complex tasks. Lateness and incorrectness are almost taboo for the LSI, and to err in these ways can make the LSI unhappy with whoever has transgressed, even with themselves.

Id block

7. Extroverted logic

When in love, the LSI will disregard behaviors that he feels are normal because the partner fulfills those obligations. This is especially apparent when the LSI stops work because there is enough money in the household without the LSIs income.

8. Introverted sensing

Acts as if matters of personal appearance and health are very important to him or her, at times talks of it, though just as a comment not requiring feedback.

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