Loganiaceae are a family of flowering plants classified in order Gentianales. The family includes 13 genera, distributed around the world's tropics.

Earlier treatments of the family have included up to 29 genera. Phylogenetic studies have demonstrated that this broadly defined Loganiaceae was a polyphyletic assemblange and numerous genera have been removed from Loganiaceae to other families (sometimes in other orders), e.g., Gentianaceae, Gelsemiaceae, Plocospermataceae, Tetrachondraceae, Buddlejaceae, and Gesneriaceae. Some classification schemes, notably Takhtajan's, break the remaining Loganiaceae even further into as many as four families; Strychnaceae, Antoniaceae, Spigeliaceae and Loganiaceae. Recent DNA studies of the Gentianales have found strong support for the Loganiaceae (as defined here) as a clade containing 13 genera.

Also see: Pua keni keni.


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