log chip


[lawg, log]

Log may refer to:

  • Chip log, a device used in navigation to estimate the speed of a vessel through water.
  • Data log, a record of sequential data
  • Laplacian of Gaussian
  • Log (journal), an architectural magazine
  • Log (village), a former urban-type settlement in Volgograd Oblast, Russia; since 2007—a village (selo)
  • Logarithm, the mathematical operation that is the inverse of exponentiation, or the result of this operation.
  • Logbook, a log of important events in the management, operation and navigation of a ship
  • Web log, Web's log, Weblog, 'blog, or blog, a reverse chronological journal
  • Wooden log, also known as timber, wood from trees used for construction or wood pulp for paper production

In entertainment:

  • The Log (guitar), a nickname given to Les Paul's first solid body electric guitar built in the 1930s

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