The word locus (plural loci) is Latin for "place". It can mean:


  • Locus (psychology), in industrial psychology, having an internal or external locus of control
  • Locus (genetics), the position of a gene (or other significant sequence) on a chromosome
  • Locus (mathematics), the set of points satisfying a particular condition, often forming a curve of some sort
  • Locus (medicine), the "place" on the body where a pathogen enters
  • Locus (phonetics), the hypothetical starting point of the formant transitions that characterise plosive consonants acoustically
  • In the classics, literature or theology, locus (or locus classicus) marks the first appearance of a phrase or the definitive passage that is authoritative for an idea
  • Locus (law), in Scots Law, the place which is the location of a crime or incident subject of lawful or legal enquiry
  • Loci is a nickname for rapper Ja Rule


  • Loci (band), an alt-rock band from Bristol, United Kingdom




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