Localized versions of the Monopoly game

Throughout this article, the unqualified use of currency denominations such as "$" or "£" generally refers to play money in the context of the game.

Localized versions of the Monopoly game are marketed worldwide.

Localized versions by country

Officially licensed editions of the board game Monopoly have been produced by Hasbro or its licensees, including Winning Moves Games and USAopoly, for specific markets with the place names and currency being localized for countries, cities and areas. These include:



  • Belgium: There have been several editions of Belgian boards, in Flemish and in French. Some of the editions also use bilingual game boards. Street names taken from cities across the country equally divided between the Dutch and French speaking halves of the kingdom. To date, there have been no city editions.
  • Brazil: "Banco Imobiliário" ("Real Estate Bank") Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, mix version. It also has a lot of special differences like doing away with the Electric Company and Water Works and replacing them with Railroads, so there are 6 of those, and its rent is $50 times the amount shown on the dice, being very different from the original game.



  • Denmark: Copenhagen. Two nearly identical versions, "Matador" and "Monopoly". The "Matador" version was introduced in the 1930s, and the "Monopoly" version in 1996. Both localized with a board with prominent Copenhagen streets. Denominated in Danish kroner. Most expensive is the "City Hall square" (Danish: Rådhuspladsen). Additionally Monopoly Junior exists.
    • Odense A localized version was published in the 1980s, known as Kong Gulerod i Odense


  • Egypt: Cairo
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Europe Special Edition: Instead of streets, it uses the names of capital cities of countries which are already members of the European Union, in order of their admission to the EU (or its predecessor organizations), and some which are expected to be. Currency in euros.





  • Iceland - Called Matador, using Reykjavik street names and Icelandic kronur for currency.
  • India - Called "Business" (English version) and "Vyapar" (Hindi version), using Major Indian Cities, Airports and Railway Stations and Indian Rupee for currency.
  • Indonesia:Jakarta - It is known as 'Monopoli'.
  • Iran: Tehran called Iropoly using iranian Rial for currency. In various versions, with the major difference being the use of pre- or post-Iranian Revolution street names.
  • Ireland: In three versions, Irish pound (now discontinued) and euro, and a 'Here and Now' edition, with updated landmarks, and all monetary values multiplied by a factor of 10,000. Original version used mainly Dublin placenames, except for the red squares which were from Cork, and Shannon Airport as a station.
  • Israel: It is known as 'מונופול' - "Monopol".
  • Italy: Milan. It is known as 'Monopoli'.


  • Japan: Both Japanese and American English boards are sold in Japan. The Japanese board includes districts from several major Japanese cities: the most expensive property is Tokyo's Ginza, followed by Osaka's Umeda.
  • Jersey (Channel Islands): Locations from around Jersey, including streets and landmarks. The stations are replaced by Jersey airport, two harbours and a lighthouse.


  • Latvia: A Latvian game board has been released with streets and train stations in Riga. The game is called Monopols.
  • Luxembourg: Editioun Lëtzebuerg. The street names are taken from various Luxembourgian cities.





  • Pakistan: Karachi Known as Crorepati baopaar
  • Peru: Lima
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Portugal: the standard version depicts major streets from cities across the country, including Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Setúbal and Braga. It was originally named Monopólio (literally, Monopoly in English); after Parker forced Majora (the licensed manufacturer) change the name, it became as its original.
  • Philippines: Includes properties from Laoag, Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.
  • Panama: Includes the most popular tourist destinations in Panama and the main goal is to be the winner by making the largest Hotel chain spread across all the country.


  • Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe): Tycoon, produced in limited numbers by Darten in the late 1960s, depicted colonial-era streets in Salisbury (now Harare) and was denominated in Rhodesian dollars. The most expensive properties were First Street and Stanley Avenue (now Jason Moyo Avenue); the cheapest Rotten Row and Victoria Street (now Mbuya Nehanda Street).
  • Romania: Bucharest. Produced by Hasbro in 2005. The most expensive property is Bulevardul Primaverii (Spring Avenue) and the cheapest is Rahova.
  • Russia. Known as: МОНОПОЛИЯ. Special limited edition - Moscow. At the start of 1990s an edition called "Manager" was produced, featuring different factories of Leningrad.



Turkey: Istanbul Streets and properties are named after Istanbul neighborhoods:

  • Red:
  • Yellow:
  • Green:
  • Purple:
  • U

    There was also game named moneyply,similar to monopoly but it wasn't that successful.

    • Uruguay:
      • "El Banquero". Streets and properties named after streets, neighbourhoods from the city of Montevideo. Railroad stations were replaced by transport companies (Buses, Rail-Buses, Trains and Planes), Services were the phone company and petrol company.
      • "Banco Inmobiliario". Much alike the former, different properties now include some seasides. Same colour properties are not found together on the board but scrambled. Railroad stations and services were replaced by transport companies (Train, Taxi, Planes, Ship, Buses and Trucks).

    In both games currency is the Peso $.


    • Venezuela: "Monopolio". Streets and properties named after streets and properties from the city of Caracas. Currency in bolívares.


    In Malaysia, there is also an independent version marketed, known as Saidina. Saidina is a Malaysian rendition of the game featuring local places and currency, and written in Bahasa Melayu. Saidina

    In Chinese-speaking regions (including Hong Kong), the game is also called 'rich person' (大富翁), with most of them being unauthorized clones of the original. Hasbro eventually gave a new official Chinese title (地產大亨), for sale in Chinese-speaking regions. Many Monopoly game sets are relabled as a result.

    However, many Monopoly clones still use the old Chinese name. When Chinese developers start making computerized versions of Monopoly clones, the clone games diverge from the original in board layout and game rules, but the key elements of dice rolls and land acquisitions remain.

    In mid 1990s, Monopoly was sold in Mainland China under a different name (强手棋), which does not have localized place names.

    Property names

    The names of the properties in some of the more common versions are listed in the following tables. The values and rents of all the properties are proportionally scaled in all versions; thus, only the Go money is listed here.

    US (Atlantic City) UK (London) Germany Spain (Madrid) Australia
    Special spaces
    Go - $200 Go - £200 Los - DM 4,000 (on classic boards, €200 on boards after 2000) Salida - 20,000 pesetas Go - $200
    Community Chest Community Chest Gemeinschaftsfeld Caja de comunidad Community Chest
    Income Tax Income Tax Einkommenssteuer Impuesto sobre el capital Income Tax
    Chance Chance Ereignisfeld Suerte Chance
    Free Parking Free Parking Frei Parken Parque gratuito Free Parking
    Go To Jail Go To Jail Gehen Sie in das Gefängnis Vaya a la cárcel Go To Jail
    Luxury Tax Super Tax Zusatzsteuer Impuesto de lujo Sales Tax
    Reading Railroad Kings Cross station Südbahnhof (Southern Station) Estación de Goya Perth Station
    Pennsylvania Railroad Marylebone station Westbahnhof (Western Station) Estación de las Delicias Adelaide Station
    B&O Railroad Fenchurch Street station Nordbahnhof (Northern Station) Estación del Mediodía Flinders Street Station
    Short Line Railroad Liverpool Street station Hauptbahnof (Central Station) Estación del Norte Sydney Station
    Electric Company Electric Company Elektrizitätswerk Compañía de electricidad Australia Post
    Water Works Water Works Wasserwerk Compañía de aguas Telecom Australia
    Dark Purple (United States, Germany) Brown (Rest of the World)
    Mediterranean Avenue Old Kent Road Badstraße Ronda de Valencia Todd Street
    Baltic Avenue Whitechapel Road Turmstraße Plaza de Lavapiés Smith Street
    Light Blue properties
    Oriental Avenue The Angel Islington Chausseestraße Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos Salamanca Place
    Vermont Avenue Euston Road Elisenstraße Avenida de la Reina Victoria Davey Street
    Connecticut Avenue Pentonville Road Poststraße Calle de Bravo Murillo Macquarie Street
    Light Purple properties
    St. Charles Place Pall Mall Seestraße Glorieta de Bilbao William Street
    States Avenue Whitehall Hafenstraße Calle Alberto Aguilera Barrack Street
    Virginia Avenue Northumberland Avenue Neue Straße Calle Fuencarral Hay Street
    Orange properties
    St. James Place Bow Street Münchner Straße Avenida de Felipe II North Terrace
    Tennessee Avenue Marlborough Street Wiener Straße Calle de Velázquez Victoria Square
    New York Avenue Vine Street Berliner Straße Calle Serrano Rundle Mall
    Red properties
    Kentucky Avenue The Strand Theaterstraße Avenida de América Stanley Street
    Indiana Avenue Fleet Street Museumstraße Calle María De Molina Petries Bight
    Illinois Avenue Trafalgar Square Opernplatz Calle de Cea Bermúdez Wickham Terrace
    Yellow properties
    Atlantic Avenue Leicester Square Lessingstraße Avenida de los Reyes Católicos Collins Street
    Ventnor Avenue Coventry Street Schillerstraße Calle Bailén Elizabeth Street
    Marvin Gardens Piccadilly Goethestraße Plaza de España Bourke Street
    Green properties
    Pacific Avenue Regent Street Rathausplatz Puerta del Sol Castlereagh Street
    North Carolina Avenue Oxford Street Hauptstraße Calle de Alcalá George Street
    Pennsylvania Avenue Bond Street Bahnhofstraße Gran Vía Pitt Street
    Dark Blue properties
    Park Place Park Lane Parkstraße Paseo de la Castellana Flinders Way
    Boardwalk Mayfair Schlossallee Paseo del Prado Kings Avenue

    More international editions

    Argentina France (Paris) Italy (Milan) New Zealand Russia (Moscow)
    Special spaces
    Salida Départ VIA! (20,000 Lire pre-2000) Go VPERYOD - 200,000 Rubles
    Caisse de communuté Probabilità Community Chest Obschestvennaya kazna
    Impôt sur le revenu Tassa patrimoniale (20,000 Lire) Income Tax Podohodnij nalog
    Chance Imprevisti Chance Shans
    Libre Estacionamiento Parking Gratuit Posteggio gratuito Free Parking Besplatnaya stoyanka
    Vaya a la cárcel Allez en prison In prigione! Go To Jail Otpravlyajtes' v Tyurmu
    Taxe de luxe Tassa di lusso (10,000 Lire) Super Tax Sverhnalog
    Ferrocarril Roca Gare Montparnasse Stazione Sud Balclutha Station Rizhskaya Zheleznaya Doroga
    Ferrocarril Mitre Gare de Lyon Stazione Ovest Taumaranui Station Kurskaya Zheleznaya Doroga
    Ferrocarril Belgrano Gare du Nord Stazione Nord Kaikoura Station Kazanskaya Zheleznaya Doroga
    Ferrocarril San Martín Gare Saint-Lazare Stazione Est Frankton Junction Leningradskaya Zheleznaya Doroga
    Energía Eléctrica Compagnie d'électricité Società Elettrica Electric Company Elektrostantsiya
    Aguas Corrientes Compagnie des eaux Società Acqua Potabile Water Works Vodoprovod
    Brown properties
    Ushuaia Boul. de Belleville Vicolo Corto (Short Street) Palmerston Street Mitnaya Ulitsa
    Glaciar Perito Moreno Rue Lecourbe Vicolo Stretto (Narrow Street) Mackay Street Nagatinskaya Ulitsa
    Light Blue properties
    Península de Valdes Rue de Vaugirard Bastioni Gran Sasso East Street Varshavskoe Shosse
    Esquel Rue de Courcelles Viale Monterosa Stafford Street Ulitsa Ogareva
    Lago Nahuel Huapi Avenue de la République Viale Vesuvio Thames Street Pervaya Parkovaya Ulitsa
    Light Purple properties
    Cerro Tronador Boul. de la Villette Via Accademia Gladstone Road Ulitsa Polyanka
    San Martín de los Andes Avenue de Neuilly Corso Ateneo Marine Parade Sretenka
    Valle de las Leñas Rue de Paradis Piazza Università Bank Street Rostovskaya Naberezhnaya
    Orange properties
    Puente del Inca Avenue Mozart Via Verdi Devon Street Ryazanskij Prospekt
    Aconcagua Boulevard Saint-Michel Corso Raffaello Rangitikei Street Ulitsa Vavilova
    Cosquín Place Pigalle Piazza Dante Victoria Avenue Rublevskoe Shosse
    Red properties
    Villa Carlos Paz Avenue Matignon Via Marco Polo High Street Ulitsa Gor'kogo
    Termas de Río Hondo Boulevard Malesherbes Corso Magellano Market Street Pushkinskaya Ulitsa
    Valle de la Luna Avenue Henri-Martin Largo Colombo Trafalgar Street Ploschad' Mayakovskogo
    Yellow properties
    Tren de las Nubes Faubourg Saint-Honoré Viale Costantino Cameron Road Ulitsa Gruzinskij val
    Quebrada de Humahuaca Place de la Bourse Viale Traiano Fenton Street Ulitsa Chajkovskogo
    Cataratas del Iguazú Rue Lafayette Piazza Giulio Cesare Garden Place Smolenskaya Ploschad'
    Green properties
    Gualeguaychú Avenue de Breteuil Via Roma Dee Street Ulitsa Schuseva
    Rosario Avenue Foch Corso Impero Princes Street Gogolevskij Bul'var
    Mar del Plata Boulevard des Capucines Largo Augusto Cathedral Square Kutuzovskij Prospekt
    Dark Blue properties
    La Boca Avenue des Champs-Élysées Viale dei Giardini Lambton Quay Malaya Bronnaya
    Obelisco Rue de la Paix Parco della Vittoria Queen Street Arbat

    Even more international editions

    Finland (Helsinki) Scotland (Edinburgh) England (London, Here And Now, 2005) Brazil (mix of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition (2008)
    Special spaces
    Lähtö - 4000 mk or € 200 in the euro version Go - £200 Go - £2,000,000 Ponto de Partida - 200 GO- M (Monopoly Dollars) 2,000,000
    Yhteismaa Community Chest Community Chest Lucros ou Dividendos Community Chest
    Tulovero Income Tax Income Tax Imposto de Renda Income Tax
    Sattuma Chance Chance Sorte-Revés Chance
    Vapaa pysäköinti Free Parking Free Parking Parada Livre Free Parking
    Mene vankilaan Go to Jail Go to Jail Vá para a Prisão Go to Jail
    Lisävero Super Tax Super Tax Luxury Tax
    Railroads / Airports
    Pasilan asema Forth Road Bridge London City Airport Companhia Ferroviária Monopoly Rail
    Sörnäisten asema Haymarket Station Stansted Airport Companhia de Viação Monopoly Air
    Rautatieasema Edinburgh Airport Gatwick Airport Companhia de Taxi Monopoly Cruise
    Tavara-asema Waverley Station GNER Heathrow Airport Companhia de Navegação Monopoly Space
    Sähkölaitos Electric Company (British Energy) Telecoms Companhia de Aviação Solar Energy
    Vesijohtolaitos Communications (Cable & Wireless) The Sun (newspaper) Companhia de Taxi Aéreo Wind Energy
    Brown properties
    Korkeavuorenkatu Shore Place Portobello Road Market Leblon Gdynia
    Kasarmikatu Barnton Grove Camden Market Av. Presidente Vargas Taipei
    Av. Nossa S. de Copacabana
    Light Blue properties
    Rantatie Lady Stair's Close Hammersmith Apollo Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima Tokyo
    Kauppatori Lauriston Castle Wembley Arena Av. Rebouças Barcelona
    Esplanadi Princes St Gardens GMTV Studios Av. 9 de Julho Athens
    Light purple properties
    Hämeentie Easter Road The Oval Av. Europa Istanbul
    Siltasaari Tynecastle Stadium Wimbledon Rua Augusta Kiev
    Kaisaniemenkatu Murrayfield / Scottish Rugby Union Wembley Stadium Av. Pacaembu Toronto
    Orange properties
    Liisankatu Corstorphine Road Science Museum Interlagos Rome
    Snellmaninkatu Royal Mile Natural History Museum Morumbi Shanghai
    Unioninkatu George Street Tate Modern Vancouver
    Red properties
    Lönnrotinkatu Newhaven Harbour London Eye Flamengo Sydney
    Annankatu Morningside Road Hyde Park Botafogo New York City
    Simonkatu Penicuik Trafalgar Square London
    Yellow properties
    Mikonkatu Castle Street Tottenham Court Road Av. Brasil Beijing
    Aleksanterinkatu Grindlay Street Covent Garden Av. Paulista Hong Kong
    Keskuskatu Rose Street / North Lane Regent Street Jardim Europa Jerusalem
    Green properties
    Tehtaankatu Leith Walk Notting Hill Copacabana Paris
    Eira Rutland Court Soho Av. Vieira Souto Belgrade
    Bulevardi St Andrews Square Kings Road Av. Atlântica Cape Town
    Dark Blue properties
    Mannerheimintie Princes Street Canary Wharf Jardim Paulista Riga
    Erottaja Edinburgh Castle The City Brooklin Montreal

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