Bit (content company)

bit is a new media company that specializes in content management and editing for all digital platforms and electronic media channels: mobile content services (2.5G and 3G), internet websites and video on demand (VOD). In addition, the company deals with content acquisition for all platforms as well as editing, brand management, and promotion (marketing) of the content.

The company, located in Giv'atayim, Israel, was established in 2004 by Guy Behar and Amir Golan. The company is part of a complex of new media companies. Its sister companies include Musicoola music service, Artza productions, and White Label web design studio.


bit was founded in 2004 by Guy Behar and Amir Golan, shortly after they separated from Music 24, an Israeli music channel in which they served as CEO and SVP, respectively. They were joined shortly afterwards by Ofer Naor, the program manager of Music 24 at the time, who was appointed by 2008 as VP content and development at bit. The three first met while working at Keshet (TV), where they founded MOOMA, the leading Israeli music web site. The company's first major contract was with Israeli mobile phone service supplier, Pelephone, for which bit manages all 3G content operations.


bit is one of the pioneers of 3G content in Israel. Bit manages Pelephone's 3G operations as well as supplies content for Cellcom (Israeli company) and Orange Israel.

bit is responsible for developing, editing, and operating Israel's first and leading 3G mobile content portal, as well as operating 16 custom-made mobile TV channels, and six music channels for Pelephone's 3G platform.

List of mobile TV channels

  • Music: international pop
  • Music: Israeli
  • Music: Hip Hop
  • Music: MTV
  • Music: ethnic (Mediterranean music)
  • Music: international live shows
  • Music: Trans and clubs
  • Music: international rock
  • Music: all-time hits
  • Sport: super extreme
  • Entertainment: Israeli movies
  • Entertainment: Israeli entertainment
  • Entertainment: special TV shows
  • Entertainment: stand-up comedy bar
  • Kids: "Clasikaletet"
  • Kids: animation

List of mobile music channels

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Black music
  • Electronic music
  • MTV
  • Live shows


Bit operates HOT's (the Israeli cable company) music section under its VOD platform.

This service includes:

  • Management and editing the first music on demand service in Israel
  • On-going management and update of music contents
  • Editing specials and clip sequences
  • Marketing the service: usage's trend analysis, developing packages, and presenting relevant contents
  • Negotiation, closing contracts, and acquisition of music content and live shows from Israel and abroad


bit deals with developing, creative management, and editing of independent content internet sites as well as websites that transfer content from other content platforms, such as TV or mobile 2.5G or 3G to the internet.

The website development and web design is done with the services of White Label studio.

Currently, bit's young internet department works on the launch of several Israeli and international internet sites, that are still in stealth mode.

Acquisition and copyright management

bit's Acquisition, Aggregation, and Copyright Management department focuses on locating contents for various platforms and negotiation of broadcasting rights with major international suppliers for distribution in Israel. The department offers the following services:

  • Acquisition of distribution rights for international contents and ownership of exclusive contents
  • Ongoing contacts with international and local content suppliers
  • Negotiating on behalf of mobile and internet companies for TV contents
  • Locating and purchasing shows for VOD

content supplier brands that are represented by bit in Israel

  • Sexy Cam
  • Rush
  • Wacky TV
  • Stupid
  • Mad Ads
  • Ze Ze Tv
  • Kamikaze
  • Mobstar
  • Maski Show

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