local stamp



Local generally means that which relates to a specific area or place, and is not vast or widespread.

Local may also refer to:

In medicine:

In computing:

In sociology:

  • Localism, is the emphasis on local, small-scale systems

In mathematics:

In physics:

In culture:

In entertainment:

  • Local, the comic book series by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly

In astronomy:

  • Local Interstellar Cloud, the interstellar cloud that contains the Solar System
  • Local Bubble, the larger bubble of gas that contains the Local Interstellar Cloud
  • The Orion Arm, the arm of the Milky Way that contains the Solar System also known as the local arm
  • Local Group, the group of galaxies that contains the Milky Way
  • Local Supercluster, the supercluster, also known as the Virgo Supercluster, that contains the Milky Way and the Local Group

In employment:

In ':'philately''':

  • A local stamp is a stamp created by a local mail carrying body

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