Living Death

Living Death

Living Death is a music band from Velbert, Germany. The band's career began in the early days of metal. Living Death started out as a simple power metal band, although each album grew in speed and intensity until the album "Protected from Reality". After the release of the album "Worlds Neuroses" in 1989, band members Toto, Fred, and Atomic Steif left the band. While the departed members formed a new band under the name L.D., the remaining Living Death members and brothers Reiner and Dieter Kelch reformed the band with three new members. This situation lead to some confusion, as both bands were referred to as Living Death by the media. L.D. eventually had to rename the band "Sacred Chao" (named after a Living Death song) and released an EP before disappearing, while the "original" Living Death band ultimately split-up after only one further album.


  • Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann (singer)
  • Andreas Oberhoff (drummer)
  • Reiner Kelch (guitar)
  • Dieter Kelch (bass)

Departed Members





  • 1983: Demo 83 (Demo)
  • 1984: Pre-Production Demo (Demo)
  • 1984: Vengeance Of Hell
  • 1985: Watch Out (EP)
  • 1985: Metal Revolution
  • 1986: Back To The Weapons (EP)
  • 1987: Eisbein (mit Sauerkraut) (Single)
  • 1987: Protected From Reality
  • 1988: Live (EP)
  • 1989: Worlds Neuroses
  • 1991: Killing In Action
  • 1994: Living Death Best Of (Compilation)

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