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I Don't Want to Wait for Our Lives to Be Over

“I Don't Want to Wait for Our Lives to Be Over...” is the 87th episode in the FOX animated comedy King of the Hill. Although broadcast as the 3rd episode in the 5th season, its production code indicates that it was intended to be the finale for the 4th season.

The episode's title refers to the song of the same name by Paula Cole, which was used as the theme song for Dawson's Creek.


Bobby is reluctant to spend the summer with Hank's mom and her boyfriend Gary (Carl Reiner), since she always treats him like a baby. After he tells Gary that he's about to turn thirteen, Gary treats him like a grown-up, allowing him use of his own room and a private golf cart to get around the retirement community. Meanwhile, Hank decides to exercise his woodworking skills to build coffins for himself and Peggy. Peggy's lid doesn't quite close right, and she insists that Hank fixes it right or else she'll come back to haunt him.

Upon returning home, Bobby discovers that Joseph, who is a few months younger, hit puberty during his vacation, gaining nearly six inches in height and starting to grow a mustache. At a dinner with the Gribbles, Bobby is upset that the waitress assumes he'll be ordering off the kid's menu while asking Joseph if he wants a beer instead. Dale makes a fuss about Joseph's growth spurt, but Joseph himself seems awkward and embarrassed about it.

Bobby wants Peggy and Hank to stay out of his way so he can have a more grown-up birthday party, even though Peggy took lessons to be a DJ for the party. He complains to Connie about Joseph's moodiness, but she partially sympathizes due to recently getting her first period. Bobby invites Joseph to his party to cheer him up, but Joseph is reluctant to attend because he can't dance, along with the other perils of puberty, Dale's constant teasing, and his new obsession with girls. On the night of the party, the smooth-talking Bobby tries to fix Joseph up, but his awkwardness and clumsy dancing make him embarrass himself.

Bobby invites Joseph to watch him and Connie make out to give him pointers, which angers her, and she runs out when he mentions her period. Joseph goes to apologize to Connie, and they end up kissing. Bobby sees them, and storms in, punching Joseph in the nose. Minh comes in and takes Joseph to the bathroom to clean up his bloody nose, and he ends up kissing her as well. She laughs about it, which sends Joseph running out in embarassment, going right into the Hills' garage where Hank and Peggy are lying in their newly upgraded coffins. He runs off in terror.

Deciding to run away, Joseph steals Dale's Bug-a-Bago, and Connie joins him, followed by Bobby. They end up crashing the van into a telephone pole while arguing. Dale and the rest of the neighborhood come to check on the commotion, but Bobby convinces them that it must have been "teenagers" that did it. The three reconcile, as Peggy serves Bobby's cake and embarrasses him further with her DJ "skills".


  • Hank: "Bobby, did you see who did this?"

Bobby: "Must've been teenagers."
Joseph: "Yup, teenagers."
Connie: "Teenagers."
Dale: "Damn teenagers!"

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