liver of sulfur

List of alchemical substances

Alchemical studies produced a number of substances, which were later classified as particular chemical compounds or mixtures of compounds.

Many of these terms were in common use into the 20th century.

* Flowers of sulfur - formed by distilling sulfur.

* Marcasite - a mineral; iron disulfide. In moist air it turns into green vitriol.
* Rouge/Crocus/Colcothar - ferric oxide, formed by burning green vitriol in air.

* Luna cornea - silver chloride, formed by heating horn silver till it liquifies and then cooling.

* Slaked Lime - calcium hydroxide.

* Potash/Salt of tartar - potassium carbonate, formed by evaporating lye.
* Pearlash - formed by baking potash in a kiln.

* Litharge - lead monoxide, formed by fusing and powdering massicot.
* Minium/Red Lead - trilead tetroxide, formed by roasting litharge in air.
* Naples yellow/Cassel yellow - oxychloride of lead, formed by heating litharge with sal ammoniac.

* Marine Acid Air - gaseous form of hydrochloric acid.

* Tin salt - hydrated stannous chloride.
* Butter of Tin - hydrated tin(IV) chloride.

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