Soulivong Savang

Crown Prince Soulivong Savang (born May 8, 1963), grandson of the last King of Laos Savang Vatthana, is the pretender to the Lao throne. Laos was a constitutional monarchy until 1975, when the communist Pathet Lao seized control of the nation and began genocide and human rights violations of the Royal Lao family as a monarchy, and the indigenous Hmong people of Laos. Soulivong Savang lives in exile in Paris, France.


Soulivong Savang was born at the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang to Crown Prince Vong Savang and Princess Mahneelai of the Kingdom of Laos. After the communist revolution, some members of the Royal Family died while in communist 're-education' camps. Prince Savang escaped from captivity in Laos with his younger brother Prince Thayavong Savang in 1981, arriving in France as refugees. Those members of the Royal Family who did not escape were genocidally murdered or died of ill-treatment .

Soulivong Savang attended the University of Clermont-Ferrand in France and also obtained a law degree. He has been working to bring "social and charitable reforms" for the people of Laos and the return of a constitutional monarchy to Laos to benefit the people. His Uncle Prince Sauryavong Savang is currently head of the Laotian royal family and acts as regent to his nephew.

In September 19, 1997, Soulivong Savang and his Uncle Prince Sauryavong Savang initiated a Royal Lao Conference in Seattle, United States. Over five hundred Lao exiles and representatives of the Hmong, Kmu, Mien, Thaidam and all ethnic minority community attended. This conference was to establish the Lao Representative Abroad Council.

In September 19, 1999, second conference was held in Montreal, Canada to followup the progress of LRAC work and help each others which is focus on non-profit organization to support the local community and worldwide such as community development, social service provider, education and job development to bridge the community self-sufficiency to promote cultural activity and charity support to become good citizens in country they livein. some of the goal and mission are the vision of the majority objective how the Lao_oversea can help and support the education and economic development in their motherland in the eyes of the 21st century.

The world conference of the Lao Abroad council was successfully acknowledge and complete dialogue among the Lao refugee concern. This organization is not and was not focus on the political activity like some media has been said. Our goal is to have re-united All Laotian Abroad and inside Laos to work for better understanding toward development of the country and to show the new generation to come most effectively educated and there will be their responsible leadership tomorrow.

On November 10th, 2007, the Prince married Princess Chansouk Soukthala. The ceremony, which took place in Canada, was overlooked by 800 guests.

Soulivong Savang works along with other members of the Lao Royal Family such as Prince Sauryavong Savang, Prince Mangkra Souvannaphouma and Prince Thayavong Savang to establish a constitutional monarchy in Laos.


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