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How I Lost My Life and Lived to Tell about It

How I Lost My Life and Lived To Tell About It was released by Mark Mallman in 2000. Second album from Mallman.

Track listing

  1. "Enemies"
  2. "Good Night Goodbye"
  3. "We Only Have Each Other in the Night"
  4. "Nothing Changes"
  5. "Waking the Neighborhood"
  6. "Town With No Secrets"
  7. "Bull's-Eye"
  8. "Bleeding Hand"
  9. "Dude Is Dead"
  10. "Night Will Find a Friend"
  11. "Always Got the Music"
  12. "Letters"

Additionally, an unlisted track appears at the end of the album.


Bass: Bill Shaw (1-6,8,9); Ed Rodriguez (7,11)
Drums: Peter Anderson (2,7,11); Christopher McGuire (3-6,8,9); Tom Siler (4); Dan Didier (10)
Guitar: Ryan Smith (2-4,8,9,11); Tal Tahir (3,8); Ryan Olcott (4); Davy von Bohlen (10);Chris Roseneau (10); Rich Mattson(10)
Additional Guitar: Tom Siler (7)
Sitar: Ed Ackerson (2)
Additional Vocals: Kat Bjelland (9)
Cello: Chelsea Rasmussen(6)

Engineer: Jacques Wait (1,4,6); Ed Ackerson (2); Tom Siler (3-5, 7-11); Ryan Olcott (4); Chris Roseneau (10); Rich Mattson (10)
Field Engineer: Dan Witt


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