Littoral-Kras statistical region

Littoral-Kras statistical region (Obalno-kraška statistična regija) is a statistical region in the south-west of Slovenia. The region is compromised out of 7 municipalities: Divača, Hrpelje-Kozina, Izola, Komen, Koper, Piran, Sežana and has an area of 1,044 km².

It has an estimated 106,000 inhabitants (at 1 January 2006) - of whom almost half live in the coastal city of Koper - and the second highest GDP per capita of the Slovenian regions. The percentage of foreigners is the highest in it of all regions at 4.2%.


Population: 106,000

Religions: 46.9% Catholic, 30% Orthodox, 10.7% Islam,6,0% unbeliever/atheist, 0.5% Evangelical, 0.5% Other religion.


This region has the highest percentage of people employed in tertiary (services) activities. Employment structure: 70.6% services, 26.8% industry, 2.6% agriculture.

15% of the GDP is generated by transport.


It has the most tourists of all the regions (24.5%), the tourist being from: 41.9% Slovenia, 17% Austria, 2.2% Croatia, 34.3% Italy, 14.7% Germany, 2.8 UK, 29% Other Countries.


Length of motorways: 55 km Length of other roads: 822 km Also railways. It has the largest and only commercial port situated in Koper along with marinas in Koper, Izola and Portorož. There is also a smaller international airport.


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