Little Sark

Little Sark

Little Sark is a peninsula forming the southern section of the Channel Island of Sark. The island of Brecqhou on the west of Sark, would have been a peninsula like this within recorded history. There is a hamlet here, and also a guesthouse/cafe at La Sablonnerie.


This part of Sark had a number of mines. As well as a source of gallena , at Port Gorey, the ruins of Silver Mines can still be seen.

Like Great Sark, the island rises fairly sheerly from the sea, and is surrounded by cliffs, and steep pathways. The anchorages here are not as good. Just off the south end of Little Sark is the "Venus Pool", a natural swimming pool, and the "Adonis Pool".


Little Sark was synonymous with silver mining for some of its history.

La Coupée is the narrow isthmus that joins Little Sark to Great Sark, and a bridge was built there by German POWs.

Because they were partially isolated from Great Sark, the inhabitants of Little Sark had their own distinct form of Sercquiais, the native Norman dialect of the island.

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