little mo connolly


Mo or MO may refer to:

Abbreviations and codes

MO--which Mobile message object.


  • Mo, a fictional character in the webcomic Jesus and Mo
  • Mo, also known as Mortimer, a fictional character in the novel Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
  • Little Mo Mitchell, a fictional character in the BBC soap opera East Enders
  • Mo the clown, a character played by Roy Rene, 20th century Australian stage comedian
  • M-O, a fictional robot character in film WALL-E


  • Timothy Mo (born 1950), British novelist of Chinese descent


Slang terms


  • Mo Awards, annual awards for Australian live entertainment
  • Mo (kana), Romanisation of the Japanese kana も and モ
  • 12mo, 24mo, 32mo and 64mo, duodecimo foldings of a signature during the printing of a book; see bookbinding
  • Mo, a traditional Buddhist technique of divination, practiced in Bhutan
  • Yamaha MO, a music workstation

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