Little Black Book

Little Black Book

Little Black Book is a 2004 drama / romantic comedy film, directed by Nick Hurran.

Plot summary

Stacy (Brittany Murphy), an associate producer on a daytime talk show, is convinced that her boyfriend Derek (Ron Livingston) is the right man for her, though he has an apparent phobia of commitment, and he refuses to talk about his past relationships. Taking the advice of colleague Barb (Holly Hunter), she looks at his Palm Tungsten C and its record of the names and numbers of three ex-girlfriends.

She sets up an interview with each woman, in an attempt to learn more about and get closer to Derek. However, Stacy's plan suffers a setback when she develops a friendship with one of the women (the cook).

Stacy eventually learns that Barb has orchestrated her meetings with the ex-girlfriends in order to bring them together on stage for a live broadcast during sweeps season. Unlike most romantic comedies, the film ends without the heroine succeeding in her love life, however, Stacy earns the job she wants and meets her lifetime idol.


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