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International Listening Association

The International Listening Association (ILA) is an organization developed to promote the study, development, and teaching of listening; the association is “dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity.”

The ILA was founded in 1979 In Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The first conference outside the US was in Canada (1987), followed by Japan (2000), and Sweden (2003). The ILA plans to have one if its annual conferences outside the US every three to five years.

Upcoming conference dates and themes: 2007: Frankfurt, Germany: “Listen to Make the Connection” & 2008 Portland, Maine: “Listening Lights the Way.” Conference presenters have included people of varied backgrounds related to listening to provide a full range of interesting perspectives on listening, for example: communication professors, corporate trainers, audiologists, musicians, a Buddhist monk, researchers and many more.

Member backgrounds include education, business, government, medicine, human resources, training and development, the media and the arts; everyone with an interest in listening is welcome.

Association publications include: The Listening Post (the association's newsletter), The Listening Professional, and the International Listening Journal (ILJ).

Executive Director: Nanette Johnson-Curiskis; Current President: Dr. Margarete Imhof



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