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Lion-Mane is a fictional character, a supervillain in publications from DC Comics. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, the character first appeared in Hawkman v.1 # 20 (July 1967).


Lion-Mane I

Archaeologist and lion-hunter Ed Dawson touched a mystical meteor called Mithra which transforms him into a were-lion and battles Hawkman who restores him back to normal. Dawson continues his criminal career as the Lion-Mane. He was removed from continuity post-Crisis/Hawkworld.

Lion-Mane was severely injured, including the loss of his right eye, at the hands of the winged hero in Hawkman v.4 #43 (October 2005).

The cover of Justice League of America v.2 #13 shows a member of the Injustice League that appears to be Lion-Mane, though this was not corroborated by the story.

Lion-Mane II

A new Lion-Mane was introduced post-Zero Hour in Hawkman v.3 #20, as a female scientist named Karen Ramis was transformed into the new Lion-Mane, a Lion Avatar, by the Mithra Meteor. Hawkman helps repel the avatar from her and chooses a post-Zero Hour Ed Dawson. In issue #25, it was revealed that previous hawk and lion avatars had battled each other.

Other versions

  • Another character named Lionmane resided on Earth-Two, this version was a human with feline features and heightened strength. He was initially a henchman of that world's Catwoman, but later battled her daughter the Huntress during a prison riot.
  • In Hawkman v.3 #25, one of the previous Lion Avatars battled an angelic warrior called Gabriel (possibly a Hawk Avatar).

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