Linzer torte

[lin-zer tawrt]
The Linzer Torte (or Linzertorte) is an Austrian and Hungarian Tart or Pie made with a very short, crumbly pastry of flour, butter and ground nuts (usually almonds), with a filling of plum butter or jam (even raspberry or red currant). It is covered by a lattice of dough strips and decorated with sliced almonds.

It resembles a large cookie (or biscuit in British usage) and indeed is often made like small tarts or cookies in North American bakeries.

The Linzer Torte, named after the city of Linz, Austria, is the oldest-known torte or cake in the world. For a long time a recipe from 1696 in the Vienna Stadt- und Landesbibliothek was the oldest one known. In 2005, however, Waltraud Faißner, the library director of the Upper Austrian Landesmuseum and author of the book "Wie man die Linzer Dortten macht" ("How to make the Linzer Torte") found an even older recipe from 1653 in Codex 35/31 in the archive of the Admont Abbey.

Johann Konrad Vogel (1796 - 1883) started the mass production of the cake that made it famous around the world.


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