Linguetta: see Ceraunian Mountains, Albania.

The Kingdom of Albania may refer to the state on territory of Albania in two different periods of history.

The first Kingdom of Albania or regnum Albaniae was established by Charles of Anjou in the territory he conquered from the Despotate of Epirus in 1271. He took the title of King of Albania in February, 1272. The kingdom extended from Durazzo (modern Durrës) south along the coast to Cape Linguetta, with vaguely defined borders in the interior. A Byzantine counter-offensive soon ensued, which drove the Angevins out of the interior by 1281. The Sicilian Vespers further weakened the position of Charles, and the Kingdom was soon reduced by the Epirotes to a small area around Durrës. The Angevins held out here, however, until 1368, when the city was captured by Karl Thopia. Albania was the known for a while as principality even though increased its power. Prince Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg was a prominent leader who organized a 25-year-long resistance against the Ottoman Empire.

In 1928, Albania was proclaim a constitutional kingdom (Mbretnia Shqiptare, "Albanian Kingdom") once again under the reign of King Zog I, who claimed descent from Scanderbeg. In 1939, Albania was occupied by Italy and Victor Emmanuel III claimed the title of the king until 1943. The monarchy formally ended in 1946, when the communists established their dictatorship.

Kings of Albania

Charles surrendered his rights to Albania to his son Philip in 1294. Philip reigned as "Lord of the Kingdom of Albania".

Lords of the Kingdom of Albania

In 1332, Robert succeeded his father, Philip. Robert's uncle, John, did not wish to do him homage for the Principality of Achaea, so Robert received Achaea from John in exchange for 5,000 ounces of gold and the rights to the diminished Kingdom of Albania. John took the style of Duke of Durazzo.

Dukes of Durazzo

In 1368, Durazzo fell to Karl Thopia, who was recognized by Venice as "Prince of Albania".

Princes of Albania

King of the Albanians

King of Albania


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