lincoln mountain

Lincoln Peak (Vermont)

Lincoln Peak is a mountain located on the border between Vermont's Washington and Addison counties, within the Green Mountain National Forest. The mountain is named after President Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), and is part of the Lincoln Mountain section of the Green Mountains. Lincoln Peak is flanked to the southwest by Mount Abraham, and to the north by Nancy Hanks Peak.

Lincoln Peak stands within the watershed of Lake Champlain, which drains into the Richelieu River in Québec, thence into the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The south face of Lincoln drains into Lincoln Brook, thence into the Mad River, the Winooski River, and into Lake Champlain. The east side of Lincoln drains into Bradley Brook, thence into the Mad River. The northeast side of Lincoln Peak drains into Clay Brook, thence into the Mad River. The west face of Lincoln drains by various streams into Beaver Meadow Brook, thence into the New Haven River, Otter Creek, and into Lake Champlain.

The Long Trail, a 272-mile (438-km) hiking trail running the length of Vermont, traverses the summit ridge of Lincoln Peak.

Sugarbush ski resort is on the northeast side of Lincoln Peak.

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