A linchpin or lynchpin is a metal part used in mechanical engineering to prevent a wheel or other rotating part from sliding off the axle it is riding on. It is named after Nathaniel Lynch, the English mechanic who first patented its use in 1727.

In colloquial speech, it is used to refer to the object at the center of a certain situation. An example of this is the main character in a sitcom, who acts as the glue that keeps all the other characters and situations together.

In music

  • Linchpin is a/the only single by Metal musical act Fear Factory from their 2001 album Digimortal.
  • Linchpin is a musical act from southeast London. The band consists of four members, Joey Cass: Vocals, Guitar. Paul Bugler: Guitar. Michael Cass: Bass. Olle Som: Drummer. They have toured a large number of small and large venues in the UK, and have played with the likes of well known American & Canadian bands Good Charlotte and Sum41.

They have released three EPs. Jesus Had Long Hair, Small Town Theory and All That Glitters, their latest release.

  • Lynchpin were a Nu Metal/Metal band from York, North Yorkshire, they had four e.p's. [Lies, misguided lessons, the second chapter and in the interest of absolution.] once signed to hangmans joke records.


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