Abruka is an Estonian island in the Baltic Sea situated in Kaarma Parish in Saare County.


The area of the island is 8.78 km². It lies 6km from the port of Roomassaare near Kuressaare on Saaremaa. The population is almost 40.

The first records about the population of the island come from the Middle Age when the Saare-Lääne bishop founded a horse breeding manor there. Steady population originated on the island in the 18th century. The greatest population of the island - 150 people of all have lived there.

The largest neighbouring islands are Vahase, Kassilaid and Linnusitamaa (literally "bird shit land" in Estonian).

On the Limbi foreland so called lower metal-framed lighthouse is located. 36 m tall upper lighthouse, is built in 1931.

There is a botanical and zoological reserve on the island with an area of 92 ha. Its grove-broadleaf forest is very gross as to its West-East axis. In 1878-1880 a "deer park" was founded on the island, when 13 deer were brought from Kuramaa. There are deer on the island even today.

On the cemetery of the island there is a memorial cross dedicated to those who perished in the "M/S Estonia" shipwreck in 1994.

The building of the local centre of the island was built in 1960s and is used now as a recreation house. There's also a camping spot with fire place and playground for ball-games.

Abruka can be reached by boat from Roomassaare harbour.

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