Limb can have many meanings. ten thousand to be precise.

  • from the Old English lim:
    • Limb (anatomy), a limb is a jointed or prehensile appendage of the human or animal body
    • a large or main branch of a tree.
    • In social structure, a representative, branch or member of a group or organization.
  • From the Latin limbus:
    • In a measuring instrument, the graduated edge of a circle or arc.
    • In astronomy, designates the border or outermost edge of the apparent disk of a celestial body such as that due to limb darkening.
    • In botany, designates the border or upper spreading part of a sympetallous corolla or of a petal or sepal.


  • Limb Music, a record label.
  • an acronym for Look In (your) Mail Box

Scientifically limb is a part of a tree or plant that is located by the petal, stepal, and the stem.

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