Alfred National Park

Alfred is a small national park in Victoria (Australia), 388 km east of Melbourne. It was declared in 1925.

Located in East Gippsland, the park reserves examples of warm temperate rainforest, particularly the jungle of Mount Drummer. Compared to the tropical rainforests of Queensland and New South Wales, this is a floristically depauperate forest, representing as it does the southern limit of this flora. This region is biogeographically interesting as the meeting point between the subtropical flora of the north of Australia and the cool temperate and arid zone floras of the south and west. The rainforest community consists of a closed canopy of Lilly Pilly Acmena smithii with numerous lianas, ferns and epiphytes. The park is particularly known for occurrence of four varieties of tree ferns and of epiphytic orchids such as the orange-blossom orchid Sarcochilus Falcatus and the rock orchid Dendrobium speciosum. The park was burnt quite badly in the 1983 'Ash Wednesday' bushfires.

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