Liken is a series of children's videos in the format of live action musicals relating classic stories based on scripture stories from the point of view of a child's imagination. Liken was conceived by Ken Agle (producer), Dennis Agle (writer/director) and Aaron Edson (composer/director). They are some of the newer addition to the list of films based on the Bible.

Liken videos follow a set pattern where a present-day child goes to someone (parent, teacher, older sibling) with an issue, and the older person relates a classic story that will help the child with the issue at hand. The story then goes into the imagination of the child as he/she creates the images of the story as a stage-style musical presented for video. The story includes both upbeat songs as well as ballads with dancing and comedy.

Their videos include:

Liken Gold Series:

Nephi and Laban
Ammon and Lamoni
Alma and King Noah's Court
Samuel the Lamanite

Liken Bible Series:

David and Goliath
The First Christmas
Esther and the King
Daniel and the Lions

There are two series LIken has produced: Liken Bible Series, based on the Bible and appropriate for all audiences who have interest in the Bible, and the Liken Gold Series, based on the Book of Mormon for LDS audiences.

The Liken series has been adapted for television broadcast and is also sold through bookstores and direct from the producers.

The name Liken was taking from 1 Nephi 19:23.

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