like sin

We're in Like Sin

We're In Like Sin is the second album from Just Surrender. The first single for this album is "Your Life And Mine". This is their second CD on their label, Broken English Records. It was recorded by John Naclerio and mixed by Dan Coutant.

Track listing

  1. "Body Language and Bad Habits"
  2. "So Close / So Alive"
  3. "If I Wanted To Cuddle I'd Buy a Teddy Bear"
  4. "I Said it Before"
  5. "Your Life and Mine"
  6. "New Declaration"
  7. "Payback"
  8. "You'd Be in Great Shape If You Ran Like Your Mouth" [feat. Colin Ross of Hit The Lights]
  9. "We're In Like Sin"
  10. "Something That I'm Not"
  11. "I'll Be Here"
  12. "Medicate Myself" (iTunes Bonus Track)
  13. "In Your Silence [Acoustic]" (iTunes Bonus Track)

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