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Filter fluorometer

A filter fluorometer is a type of fluorometer that may be employed in fluorescence spectroscopy.


There are two filters for the fluorometer:

  1. The primary filter or excitation filter or incident light filter isolates the wavelength that will cause the compound to fluoresce (the incident light).
  2. The secondary filter isolates the desired emitted light (fluorescent light).

Choosing the correct filters

The proper selection of filters requires familiarity with the emission spectrum and the excitation spectrum. The primary filter is selected to transmit only the wavelengths from the emission spectrum and excitation spectrum that overlap.


  • Turner 110

There are a number of filter fluorometer types. They range from Plant Science based, which are used extensively to detect, measure and analyse fluorescence from chlorophyll during the photosynthesis process, to general purpose fluorometers tuned to the specific fluorescence porperties of target samples. Most common targets are Chlorophyll, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, Green Fluorescent Protein, and Colorated Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM). Customized dyes and taggants have been developed for a wide variety of applications including; waste water tracking, biologic activity, part inspection, subsea pipeline leak detection, counterfeit detection, genetic tracing, disease and health studies, and DNA replication.

Additional types include Opti-Sciences' GFP-Meter, GFL-1, Seapoint SCF, SRF,SFF and SUVF, and a variety of OEM designs.

Turner 110 is manufactured by Turner Designs GFP & GFL-1 are manufactured by Opti-Sciences, Inc. Seapoint SCF, SRF, SFF, SUVF, are manufactured by Seapoint Sensors Inc.

  • [Turner BioSystems] Picofluor Fluorometer

In addition to the filter fluorometers shown above, fluorometersare used extensively in Life Science research for various assays such as Alkaline Phosphatase, Bacterial Viability, B-Galactosidase, Cell Proliferation, RNA Quantitation, DNA Quantitation, Enzyme Assays, Protein Quantitation, and Reporter Gene Assays.

Picofluor is manufactured by Turner BioSystems

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