grain elevator

Storage building for grain, usually a tall frame, metal, or concrete structure with a compartmented interior; also, the device for loading grain into a building. One common mechanism consists of a hopper, a long rectangular open trough, and an endless vertical belt or chain with flights (crosspieces) for conveying the grain to the top of the stack. The force of gravity enables elevated grain to be unloaded quickly and easily from chutes.

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Car that moves in a vertical shaft to carry passengers or freight between the levels of a multistory building. The use of mechanical lifting platforms dates to Roman times. Steam and hydraulic elevators came into use in the 19th century; electric elevators had been introduced by the end of the century. Most modern elevators are electrically propelled through a system of cables and pulleys with the aid of a counterweight, though hydraulic elevators are still used in low buildings. The introduction of an automatic safety device by Elisha Otis (1811–1861) in 1853 made the passenger elevator possible. By opening the way to higher buildings, the elevator played a decisive role in creating the characteristic urban geography of modern cities.

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Lift may mean:

in music:

Lift may also refer to:

  • Airlift, in logistics, the act of transporting people or cargo from point to point using aircraft
  • Elevator, called a lift in British English, a device used for raising and lowering people or goods
    • Rack lift, a type of elevator
    • Ski lift, an aerial or surface lift for uphill transport
    • Space elevator, a hypothetical structure for transporting material from a planet's surface into space
    • Wheelchair lift (also called a "platform lift"), a powered device to assist a person in a wheelchair in passing a vertical barrier.
  • Elevator shoe, an insole device that makes a person appear taller
  • Figure skating lifts
  • Forklift, a trucking device
  • Hitchhiking, a form of transport in which the traveller tries to get a lift (or ride) from another traveller
  • Suspension lift, an automobile modification to increase the ride height
  • Homotopy lifting property, in mathematics, a unique path over a map
  • Retake or lift, a symbol used in musical notation
  • LIFT (Logically Integrated FORTRAN Translator), a program for the UNIVAC 1108 that converted FORTRAN II source code to FORTRAN V source code

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