Lifer was a five-piece nu metal music group from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The group went under various names and only released one studio album in 2001.


The band formed under the name Strangers with Candy in 1999 and is most notable for winning MTV's Ultimate Cover Band contest, where they performed their own version of a-ha's hit song "Take On Me." They released an EP titled No Need and were later forced to change their name. Under the new name Driver, the band released their rendition of "White Lines (Don't Do It)." They finally changed their name to Lifer and signed with Universal Music to release a self-titled album, produced by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, on August 14, 2001. One of its tracks entitled "Breathless" would be included on the Scorpion King soundtrack in March 2002.

The album was widely panned by critics who considered it a poor attempt to capitalize on the nu metal scene; Allmusic gave it only a 1½ out of 5 rating. Lifer soon faded away after the departure of guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James Klepaski in late 2001. The two would later join the highly successful alternative metal/post-grunge group, Breaking Benjamin.

After the demise of Lifer, vocalist Nick Coyle, bassist Ian Wiseman, guitarist Derek Spencer, and drummer Chris Lightcap went on to form a band called myDownfall, which eventually split up. Nick then formed a band called The Drama Club of which he is still a member.


Original lineup:

  • Nick Coyle – Vocals
  • Aaron Fink – Guitar
  • Mark Klepaski – Bass
  • Chris Lightcap – Drums
  • Tony Kruszka – Turntables

In October 2001, bassist Mark Klepaski left and was replaced by Ian Wiseman.

In December 2001, guitarist Aaron Fink left and was replaced by Derek Spencer.

In 2002, turntablist Tony Kruszka was fired, and the four remaining members formed a new band called myDownfall.



Lifer (August 14, 2001)

  1. My Room
  2. Ugly
  3. Boring
  4. Swallow
  5. No Need
  6. Parade
  7. New
  8. Disbelief
  9. Blurred
  10. Heave
  11. Not Like You
  12. Breathless
  13. Perfect (w/ Silence)


No Need (2000)

  1. Boring
  2. My Room
  3. Perfect
  4. Key of Me
  5. No Need
  6. Heave
  7. Idiot

Lifer IV EP a.k.a. myDownfall IV EP (2002)

  1. Wake Up
  2. Memo
  3. Figment
  4. Pedestal

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