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Judson University, Illinois

Judson University is an evangelical Christian liberal arts university located in Elgin, Illinois. It was founded in 1963. Judson was formed out of the liberal arts component of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. When the seminary moved from Chicago to Lombard, IL, it was decided to make the college separate from the seminary. Judson University was named after Adoniram Judson, the first American Baptist missionary to foreign shores. The College has campuses in Elgin and Rockford, Illinois, and a student body of approximately 1400. Judson College became Judson University on August 28, 2007.


Judson University has about 50 majors available in the traditional undergraduate program, with the most popular being Architecture, followed by Education.

In the adult undergraduate program, an accelerated program consisting of night and weekend classes, there are about 5 majors offered.

Students who choose the Architecture major at Judson enter a 6 year program which includes four years to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, a year long internship at an architecture firm, and then a Master of Architecture degree. In June 2005 Judson University began its Masters of Education Program.

Judson is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Master of Architecture degree is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The Master of Education program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Judson has been ranked in the Top Tier of Midwest comprehensive colleges in U.S.News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges 2006."


Judson is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA), and the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC). Judson College offers the following sports:

  • Baseball
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Men's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Women's Volleyball
  • Men's Cross Country (Starting fall 2008)
  • Womens Cross Country (Starting fall 2008)

Judson also offers a variety of summer sports camps open to the community. The camps are designed to give students (through 12th grade) the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in sports in a non-competitive environment. Summer camps offered at Judson include:

  • Soccer Day Camps (Grades K-7)
  • Soccer School of Excellence (Overnight; Grades 5-12)
  • Basketball Day Camps (Grades 1-9)
  • Girls' Volleyball Clinics (Grades 5-10)

Student Events/Activities

Judson Student Organization (JSO) plans and/or sponsors the majority of events and activities at Judson College. These events include:

  • Homecoming
  • Oktoberfest
  • Reel Conversations
  • Small Groups
  • Concerts
  • Mr. Wilson
  • Blue Crew
  • Chicago Excursion
  • Missions Service Projects
  • Spring Fling
  • Senior Banquet
  • Lip Sync

Fox River Campus

Judson's 90+ acre campus is located on the banks of the Fox River, about west of Chicago. The university campus was purchased In 1963, when Dr. Benjamin Browne visited the original 19 acre country estate, known as Braeburn-on-the-Fox, and offered the owner $100,000.

Campus Facilities

There are 15 buildings on the Judson University campus most of which are now supplied with wireless internet access. The four residence halls are Wilson Hall, Ohio Hall, Volkman Hall, and Lindner Tower. Volkman Hall and Lindner Tower also house classrooms, offices and conference rooms. The other buildings on campus are the Harm A. Weber Administration Building, Campus Apartments, Math and Science Building, Herrick Chapel, former Benjamin P. Browne Library, Fine Arts Building, Lindner Campus Commons, Barton House, Lindner Fitness Center, Plant Operations, and Creekside South.

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall is an all male dorm located in the center of campus. Generally freshmen occupy this dorm, however many residents choose to remain in Wilson Hall for their entire career at Judson, citing that they enjoy the "location, close-knit community, and laid back atmosphere in Wilson." Wilson Hall has all the accommodations a man could ask for. It contains a game room with foosball, ping-pong, and a pool table, a theatre room, laundry room, a second and third floor lounge, first floor kitchen, vending and change machines, and suite-style bedrooms (2 bedrooms connected by a bathroom.)

Ohio Hall

Ohio Hall is located directly across from Wilson Hall. Ohio is the freshmen female dorm on campus. because of limited space, upperclassmen female students who wish to remain in Ohio Hall either must purchase a single room, or work as a Resident Assistant in Ohio Hall. Ohio Hall is set up in suite-style. Two dorm rooms share a bathroom. Each floor has a lounge where floor events, small groups, and study groups take place. In the basement of Ohio Hall are laundry facilities, a foosball table, exercise room, a ball pit, kitchen, and the Star Lounge.

Volkman Hall

Volkman Hall is located in the southwest corner of the campus. Volkman was the first residence hall to be built, and was constructed in 1963. The building faces a lagoon created by diverting the flow of Tyler Creek. The first floor of Volkman contains classrooms and faculty offices. The JSO also has their offices in Volkman. The second and third floors of Volkman consists of apartment-style suites. These are designed for 4-6 students. Male and female students live in separated areas of Volkman. Married students who wish to live on campus may rent a suite in Volkman Hall. The first floor of Volkman Hall was flooded this past year and is now going through massive renovations to make the space usable again. Students still live on the second and third floors, however.

Lindner Tower

Lindner Tower is the largest building on Judson's campus, and is visible from Illinois Route 31 and Interstate 90. Judson University purchased a former Ramada Inn and converted it into the Lindner Tower. The Lindner Tower has seven floors and multiple uses.

  • The first floor of Lindner Tower houses the Office of Registration and Records, the Business Division faculty offices, the Conference Services department, four regular classrooms, and a computer lab.
  • The second floor is the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE), formally known as the AIM department. This includes the offices for faculty and staff of the adult undergraduate program and the Masters of Education program. There is also a computer lab and testing facility called the Customized Learning Center (CLC) on the second floor.
  • The third floor is the most recently renovated floor. Since January 2004, it has held the faculty offices of the Social Science, Communication Arts, and Christian Religion and Philosophy Divisions. 3rd floor also contains two computer labs, each containing about 20 computers. The main computer lab on 3rd floor is made up of Mac G5 computers and is used primarily by the Communications Arts Division for classes such as Video Production.
  • The fourth floor of Lindner Tower is currently used only for storage. Students, staff, and faculty are generally not allowed onto this floor for security reasons, and thus many believe that this floor is haunted or that President Cain takes lazy student there and turns them into robots, as documented by the recent film, "Top Fear." The administration has discussed using the 4th floor as an additional floor of dorms, as offices, classrooms, or even leasing the space to other schools or businesses. No decision has yet been reached on the future use of this floor.
  • The fifth floor is used for female residents and there are generally three for each room. About a quarter of the floor is a lobby which is open to all students. This lobby has a kitchen, a billiards table, several chairs and couches, a television, and multiple tables for studying.
  • The sixth floor also houses female students, as well as the Resident Directors' apartment.
  • The seventh floor houses male students.

Harm A. Weber Administration Building

The Administration building is named after former President (1969-1992) and current Chancellor, Harm Weber. The building also houses the campus clarion. Every hour the clarion in the building sounds, announcing the time, usually playing hymns or the alma mater. This building is a transformed mansion which was part of the private estate when Judson University bought the property in 1963. There are three floors, the first containing the President's office, and the Business office. the second floor contains the offices for Advancement and Giving, and the Alumni office. The third floor contains the Communications office.

Campus Apartments

The Campus Apartments have 7 apartments that are rented to faculty and staff. It is located next to Wilson Hall. The Health Office is also located in this building.

Math and Science Building

The Math and Science Building is located next to Ohio Hall, across from the Campus Apartments. The Math and Science Building holds the Physics and Chemistry Labs, a computer lab, and several lecture hall style 30-seat classrooms.

Herrick Chapel

The Herrick Chapel is a 700-seat chapel, with pews on the main floor and balcony. The chapel has a large pipe organ which covers the entire wall behind the stage. The chapel is also the only building on campus with stained glass windows. In 2005, the chapel was renovated, adding air conditioning, as well as a significantly larger stage. All full-time traditional undergraduate students are required to attend 25 chapel services each semester. According to Judson University, typical chapel content ranges from scriptural exegesis to issue-oriented presentations to mini-concerts by guest artists to student-led praise and worship services.

The lower level of the chapel houses a collection of artifacts related to Adoniram Judson and Burma. Also located on the lower level of Herrick Chapel is the counseling center and the rehearsal room for the choir.

Former Benjamin P. Browne Library Building

The Benjamin P. Browne Library was named after the university's first president Benjamin P. Browne (1963-1967). The library used to be housed in a beautiful brick building near the chapel and Commons, but has now moved into the new Harm A. Weber Academic Center, and occupies the second and third floors of the rectangular half of that building. The former library building also has two floors. The first floor contained a computer lab and library staff offices. Judson University Technology Services has its office on the second floor. Use for this building is still under deliberation.

Fine Arts Building

The Fine Arts Building has two floors, and houses the Music Division, and perhaps the JSO offices. There is an art gallery, the Fine Arts Performance Hall, faculty offices, and studios for Music students.

Lindner Campus Commons

The Lindner Campus Commons, generally known as the Commons, is built on a hill. This means that the lower floor is underground on one side, and at ground level on the other. For this reason, the lower floor is referred to as Lower Commons, and the 2nd floor is referred to as Upper Commons.
Upper Commons
The Upper Commons is the location of the Student Development Office, which includes the Dean of Students, the Career advisor, Directory of Student Life and Leadership, and the International and Intercultural Advisor. It has a "pit" which is a lowered area containing a TV, fireplace, and couches. The fireplace has not been lit in recent years. According to Student Development, this is due to insurance costs which would be associated with that. There are four computers which are available for students to use, as well as tables and chairs. There are also a billiards and fooseball table.
Lower Commons
The Lower Commons contains the Cafeteria, the Bookstore, and the Campus Post Office (CPO). The cafeteria services are operated by Creative Dining Services under contract with Judson University. The bookstore is operated by Founder's Bookstore under contract with Judson University. The CPO (generally pronounced "see-po") is where students have their own campus mail boxes, and can also send and receive mail and packages.

Barton House

The Barton House is named after Dr. Amos B. Barton, who served as the second president, from 1967 through 1969. In the past, it has served as a dormitory as well as offices for various staff departments, however it is currently used for the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts departments.

Lindner Fitness Center

The Lindner Fitness Center, generally just called the Fitness Center, is in the Eastern corner of the campus and faces the soccer field.

Plant Operations

The Plant Operations building, generally referred to as Plant Ops, is home to the Plant Operations staff, which covers repairs, groundskeeping, and janitorial services, as well as Public Safety. This building was formerly the gymnasium, prior to the Lindner Fitness Center being built.

Creekside South

Creekside South is home to the Department of Education. It is located south of Tyler Creek and is slightly removed from the campus in that way. It is accessible by a footbridge across the creek, as well as from Jerusha Street.

Harm A. Weber Academic Center

The new $25 million Harm A. Weber Academic Center (often abbreviated HAWAC, or hay-whack) houses the departments of art, design and architecture, as well as the university library. The building was the subject of an international competition. The winning design by Alan Short, Professor of Architecture at Cambridge University, was recently completed and is open for use. The building, situated on the northwest corner of the main part of the campus (adjacent to Illinois Route 31), is one of the most energy-efficient academic buildings in the United States. It is designed to be LEED gold-certified, and changes, with the control of computers, to accommodate the weather. The structure does many complicated things such as channel outside air throughout the building (it has been said it could completely rid itself of a smoke filled environment in four minutes) and use sunlight as an energy source (through the giant atrium space that lights the central of the "deep plan" portion of the building containing a 2 story library and upper-class studios). In fact, the air that comes out of the building is cleaner than the air that goes in and since there are shower located on the bottom floor the students also leave the building cleaner than when they came in. This exceedingly unique building is a major part of Judson's dedication to environmental stewardship and their Architecture, Visual Communications, and Interior Design Programs.

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