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Liberation: Captive 2

Liberation was an Amiga game written by Byte Engineers and published by Mindscape in 1994. It was a sequel to Captive.

Although Liberation was released for the Amiga 1200 computer, it was notable for being one of the few titles developed primarily with the Amiga CD32 in mind. Specifically, it featured long cut-scenes, voice acting, and an atmospheric CD-quality soundtrack.

The game had some similarities with Hired Guns; both games had a dark cyberpunk setting. However, the object of Liberation was to find and free a prisoner by gathering clues and following leads. The game world was a very large city containing hundreds of fully explorable households, offices and public buildings. It was this vast setting which precluded a brute-force approach to finding the captive and gave rise to the unusual core gameplay element of detective work.

In line with its nominal classification as an RPG game, Liberation featured typical RPG tropes such as inventories, character upgrades, shops, money, and banks. Unlike many games, almost all world features were interactive and well integrated - the libraries contained large volumes of real information you had to use, the police actually enforced the law and had working police stations and cells, the taxis were functional, and you could indeed deal drugs with the drug dealers. The gameplay was highly open ended, much like Elite and Grand Theft Auto.

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