[lib-er-uhl, lib-ruhl]
Liberal, city (1990 pop. 16,573), seat of Seward co., SW Kans.; founded 1888, inc. 1945. It is the trade center for a grazing and farm area. Oil and natural gas are extracted, and helium is processed in the city. Meatpacking and sand and gravel are also important to the economy. The traditional International Pancake Race between the housewives of Liberal and Olney, England, is held annually on Shrove Tuesday.
Liberal may refer to:


United States

United Kingdom

Liberal in the United Kingdom may refer to opposing both conservative and socialist positions, particularly those of economic protectionists and authoritarians:



Other uses in politics

  • Liberty, the condition of being free from control or restrictions
  • Liberal democracy, a form of government based on limited majority rule
  • Liberal Party, members of the political party. In a classical sense, a government or political party associated with ideals of high individual freedom etc.
  • Liberalism worldwide, liberal parties around the world
  • Small-l liberal, a term used to distinguish between people with a liberal ideology and members of a Liberal party
  • Liberal Democratic Party, a common name for political parties around the globe


Place names

In the United States:

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