Lexico is a Spanish language object-oriented educational programming language based on the .NET Framework.

Created to facilitate the programming education, specifically object-oriented programming techniques, Lexico has been shown to be successful in introducing Spanish-speaking students to the design of algorithms and data structures. Lexico was created by Pretends and other researchers, who verified that it does indeed help students learn faster and keeps them motivated. They hypothesize that this is because students can experiment with algorithm design from the start of their journey in the programming world.

Being an educational language, Lexico's structure is simple: simplicity was chosen before performance. It's sufficiently simple to allow a person to learn the basic concepts of logic, algorithms, data structures. Object-oriented concepts have been simplified by the authors making students' introduction to OO paradigms easier.

Lexico's blocks are delimited by { ... } like C#, but conditional execution is done with the keyword es? ([it] is [true]?) and iteration with the loop mientras (while). Lexico's two fundamental types are numbers and strings, but it also supports the full .NET Framework types and constructs. It is thus possible to write complete windowed application in Lexico with events and controls. The lexico free compiler produces programs that can operate on any platform where the .NET Framework is installed.

Here's an example of the Fibonacci algorithm in a console application.

/*Fibonacci  source*/
los objetos i, n, primero, segundo, tercero son cantidades
muestre: "Entre el numero de terminos deseados: "
entre:   n
copie 0 en i, primero
copie 1 en segundo
mientras i<n haga:
            copie i + 1 en i
            muestre primero
            copie primero + segundo en tercero
            copie segundo en primero
            copie tercero en segundo
Here's an object oriented example.

incluya "System.Windows.Forms"
clase ventana derivada_de "System.Windows.Forms.Form"
   ventana copie "Este es el título de mi primera ventana" en ventana.text

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